Victory of Varicose Veins with VenaSeal™

Venaseal SystemConsidered the most significant breakthrough for treatment of varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency in over a decade, VenaSeal™ is the only non-thermal (no heat), non-tumescent (no invasive anesthesia), non-sclerosant (no medication) procedure approved for use in the U.S. Unlike other treatments, with VenaSeal Dr. Tawfik uses a specially formulated medical adhesive to close the diseased vein.

How does VenaSeal work?

During the procedure, the doctor fills a syringe with the medical adhesive, which is inserted into the VenaSeal™ closure system’s dispensing gun (attached to a catheter). Then,

  • He uses ultrasound guidance to insert a catheter into specific areas along the diseased vein.
  • He delivers a small amount of the medical adhesive to immediately seal the problem vein.
  • Blood is rerouted to nearby healthy veins.
  • The treated/sealed vein is absorbed into the body.
  • One of the advantages of VenaSeal™ is eliminating the need for compression stockings post treatment.

The many advantages of VenaSeal

No heat, fewer problems! The absence of heat during the VenaSeal procedure is key to minimizing your discomfort and recovery time. Another plus of VenaSeal is that it requires just one application of a local numbing agent. That‘s about 20 times less than the amount required by lasers and radiofrequency devices (which involve heat). Other advantages of VenaSeal include:

  • Treats veins of different sizes—above and below the knee.
  • After treatment, nerve irritation is rare.
  • You can resume normal activities (even vigorous activities!) the next day—instead of one or two weeks after thermal ablations.

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