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Stent Placement

While stents have long been associated with arterial issues, their use in vein conditions is an emerging and transformative field of vascular medicine. Stent placement can effectively address various vein-related conditions by providing structural support and improved blood flow to affected veins.

Conditions Treated

Stent placement is an intervention offering relief from a range of vein-related conditions, including:

Procedure Overview

The steps to stent placement typically include:

  • Preparation

    Local anesthesia is administered to ensure your comfort while the affected vein is accessed via a small incision.

  • Access

    A small incision near the site of the vein obstruction is made to grant access to the affected vein.

  • Stent placement

    Specialized catheters and devices are employed to navigate the affected vein. A stent is inserted into the vein to provide structural support, maintaining an open passage for blood flow.

  • Completion

    After the stent is correctly positioned, the device is removed, and the incision is closed.


Yes, stent placement is considered a safe and effective procedure. It is minimally invasive, and complications are rare. Dr. Tawfik will discuss the benefits and potential risks with you before your procedure.

Following your procedure, you may experience some mild discomfort or swelling at the incision site, but this typically resolves within a few days. Most patients can resume their regular activities within a short period after the procedure.

The longevity of a stent depends on various factors, including the type of stent used, your overall health, and the specific vein condition being treated. Some stents are designed to be permanent, while others may be removed after a period. Dr. Tawfik will discuss the expected duration of your stent based on your individual case.

Schedule a Consultation

If you think that stent placement could be a suitable solution for your vein condition or if you have further questions, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our team. Our specialists will provide personalized insights into how stent Placement can enhance your vascular health and address your specific concerns. Take the next step towards better vein health and contact Premier Vein & Vascular today to schedule your consultation.

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